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Learn to how to establish a social media marketing plan

If you're here you are most likely in search of the answer to, how to develop a social media marketing plan. You're either a person or  a business that really wants to reach your target audience. 

Well this is just the beginning of a huge subject and I hope that you will find, what I am about to share with you helpful.

On this video I briefly discussed, where to start when you are trying to establish a social media marketing plan. And the number one thing to establish, to get you going in the right direction, which is to establish a major goal. A goal that may take you several months or years to achieve. 

What I mean by this, is are you going to focus on how many sales you want to make, to make X amount of dollars, or are you trying to establish yourself as an online-influencer in a specific niche or space.

After establishing your major overall goal or objective, then you would need to come up with several smaller objectives or goals that would allow you to achieve your overall go…

The One Important Lesson To Learn When It Comes To Making Money Online

The fact is, there are thousands of people looking for ways to make money online. 
And there are thousands of people making money online already. Now you may be one of those people on either side but you may be also looking for a way to get to the next income level.

So when it comes to getting to that next income level, there is one thing that you need to know. And that one thing is knowing your numbers. When it comes to the numbers are far as when it comes to making money online, there are basically two numbers that you need to be aware of. The first one is the amount of visitors you are getting to your website, because you will eventually come to an average number that you will need to achieve to make the amount of money that you want to make, and that could be as low as thousand dollars a month or ten thousand dollars a month. It really just depends on whether you want to make a part time income or a full time income, but if you are like me, I'm wanting to achieve financial freed…

Sharpen Your Online Marketing Skills Today

No one can deny the opportunity that we have in the digital marketing world. There has never been a better time to learn how to create an online marketing income than today. You just need to discover the right online marketing techniques. I am currently using a marketing system that is allowing me to develop my online marketing skills. So if you are struggling or if you are needing help to sharpen your online marketing skills, let me know and give this system a chance to help you. You got nothing to lose. 
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How To Become Recognizable On Social MediaBecome Recognizable While Building Your Social Media

Become Recognizable While Building Your Social Media 
One of the most import things to do, when you make any post is to leave your mark. It doesn't matter if it is a standard post, a picture post or a video, you need to distinguish yourself so others can start to recognize you.

If you are offering value like others do, this is what will separate you from the pack of leaders out their.

So as you take a look at the picture above, you will notice that my name is on it and as well as my blog site's website address. And on this picture it is appropriate to do this. I generally choose one in order to keep it simple for others to remember. But my goal is to always brand myself or my website.

So remember to brand every one of  your postings from your standard text post to your pictures and your videos. Until next time enjoy your day!

The Power Of A Marketing Funnel Is In The Training.

It really is in the training. We all know we need to get leads! But the Hipster Marketing Funnel not only shows you how; but it will show you how to follow up with them. 🤔

We all know that we need to do our daily action list! The Hipster Marketing Funnel is going to give you daily actions to take, so you can get the experience you need to become an established online marketer.

Remember this a caterpillar has to go through its struggles before it can fly as a butterfly. The Hipster Marketing Funnel is going to help you get through the struggles to become an established online marketer.

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Addicted To Making Money Online

I don’t really like bragging about myself and the things I have accomplished, but this marketing funnel that I have been working on is going to be a trend setter. I’m about to do something that will be revealed at the time of the release that has never been done before. At least I am not aware of it being done. This marketing funnel is going to focus on the individual who really wants to learn what it takes to make money online as an online marketer and at the same time it will also offer a way for others who don’t want to be an online marketer an opportunity to create a passive online income stream. Expected time of release in the next 1 to 2 weeks, optimistically by the end of this week. 😃 Coming soon 🎁 *A system that does not require you to get referrals to make money online. 😉 ** But if you are willing to work to get some referrals, it will provide you with Facebook, Instagram, FutureNet and Twitter postings plus an awesome Youtube video campaign.📋📺 *Plus Free training in the art…

Coinbase Restictions On Business Opportunities

The “Prohibited Businesses” section of this post was taken from the Coinbase website. You can click link below to go directly to the website to read it. If link does not work. You can visit the Coinbase website and then scroll down to Legal and Privacy and click on the “user agreement” and then scroll down to Prohibited Businesses.

If you want to continue to use Coinbase, it is recommended to deposit your Bitcoin from your business opportunities into another personal account and then transfer the Bitcoin amount from there to your Coinbase wallet. 

For example Business Opportunity A to Blockchain to Coinbase. Your goal is to make it look like a personal transfer and not from a business. But understand that Coinbase can still close your account according to their judgement. 

“Prohibited Businesses

In addition to the Prohibited Uses described above, the following categories of businesses, business practices, and sale items are barred from Coinbase Services ("Prohibited Businesses")…

Don't be a victim of your financial circumstance

Don't be a victim of your financial circumstance! Over the years, I have heard a lot of inspirational stories than can cover almost every circumstance. There is the guy who was homeless and used the library computer to make money online. The other guy who was broke and currently makes an annual 6 figure income. That girl who was living the life and lost her husband to cancer only to find herself giving it all she gots to make money in the weight loss industry. That girl who was raped but yet found the strength to go back to school to become a Nurse because she wasn't given the proper exam in the ER. I don't have permission to list their names but these people are real. And my point of bringing this up is, there has to be a point in your life that you come to.... that every other option but success is what you find yourself living for every day and no excuse is big enough to be an obstacle. Absolutely no excuse! To include any discouraging remarks from any family member or…

A Legit How To Make Money Online With MyPayingAds


Your Role In An Entrepreneurial World Is Important

Decide What You Want To Be In This Entrepreneurial WorldLet's be honest, it is you who decides what you want to be in this entrepreneurial world. You can always be an employee helping to build someone else's dream or you can decide to be an entrepreneur.

Personally one of the reasons why, I started my online business adventure was because I don't have a lot of capital to start a franchise or an independent business. And starting an online business is way lower that any of the other types of business structures out there.

So if you are like me and about 90% of the internet population who dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur, then get a hold of me and I will spare you some of the headaches of trying to figure out this thing and share with you how I am currently making money online and the process I am using to scale up my earnings.
This picture is just one example of one of my online income streams.  Sign up today and get started for FREE This is one of my favorite on…

My Process Of Making Money Online

Thinking out loud:I'm starting to understand how Instagram and Twitter feeds my blog, Youtube and Facebook and Facebook feeds my blog, which to my understanding, is exactly how it is suppose to go, meaning one platform feeds the other. 

Currently my Instagram channel Is feeding my blog and Facebook but I have been reading on how Instagram and Twitter is used to feed Youtube. In short use a Thumbnail with a link or your brand name when you make a post.... I'm really enjoying the process of learning about this stuff...Keep in mind while you look at the stats below, I just started pushing Instagram and I am going on my 3rd week and with those visit to my blog, I had one sign up :-)

Because I am getting an overwhelming response on Instagram with the types of post I am doing, I decided to start doing training on Youtube about "attraction marketing" and "Branding' either yourself or your website, which I will start next week. 

These pass few days for some reason Yout…

This Is What It Takes To Live Your Dream

One of the surprising things, that I have found about myself and interacting with others; who are pursuing their dream or dreams. Is most of us don't stick around long enough to achieve a realistic goal. 

Since I have started my online business adventure, these days I am meeting several new people online through various social network platforms. And what I am noticing these days, is that those who stick around and put into action, what they have learned from books, videos and their mentors are achieving their goals which will ultimately allow them to achieve their dream. And what I have come to understand and believe, is that everyone has to take the time to achieve the thinking process that is required in order to succeed.

When it comes to investing, we can all agree Warren Buffet's thinking process is completely different from mine or yours. The way I play basketball is way different than Michael Jordan. And I certainly don't play the piano as good as Elton


What Is Today's Gold Rush?

There is no doubt that the internet has produced a ton of successful entrepreneurs. And though there is a ton of opportunities to make money, you will find every single one of them connected to the internet. If they are not on the internet, they should be. 

So in short the internet is today's Gold Rush and just like the Gold Rush, those who are able to figure it out will make money. No doubt! Some will make more than others, but even just to get into the positive income level is an accomplishment. And that is why I decided to make this blog because I found out that making money within 6 months puts me above the average online entrepreneurs.

It actually gives me bragging But I have also learned, that this industry still has a lot of growth to go through and I believe that explains why the failure rate is so high. According to several sources it is at an alarming rate of a 90% failure rate.  This is crazy! 

So I ask myself, how was I so lucky to get into the positive, in…
When it comes to real ways to make money from home, there are endless opportunities. The fact is, if you can think of a way to make money online there probably is a company online doing it already. But more importantly, these days if there is a demand for it, you can make money. No if, ands or buts about it.

With all the business opportunities out there, you can easily get lost and may be even lose a lot of money in your attempt to making money online. 

So in this video "Real Ways To Make Money From Home" I address the number one question that you need ask in order to really gauge your odds of succeeding. And for bonus sake I throw in two other important questions to ask. So take a few minutes to learn these vital questions that is guaranteed to expand your understanding of making money online.

Until next time enjoy your day! Don't forget to check out my official website

What I wanted to talk about today, is a trend that is going on which it is referred to as "branding yourself" and "attraction marketing". To me they are very similar, if not the same thing.

My plan is to release a marketing funnel in the near future, but I felt that I should be "branding myself" so I decided to create some capture pages with the Power Lead System to focus on this primary.

The other trend that is going on, which I am sure most of us have heard about,  and that is giving up the hype, and simply offering more value and linking that value to a product that you are representing. 

Keeping these things in mind, take a look at my capture page which I used the Power Lead System to create and to specifically share with the members of FutureAdpro .  

Take a look at it here and enjoy :-) 

How much money do I have to make before you believe me :-) It's not about the money! 

But It is about the goals that are set in the game plan. 

The clearer the goals are, the more likely you will hit them. Stop chasing the thousands and thousands of dollars dream, without having a clue of what it takes. 

I myself may not be there but I'm definitely checking off short term goals as I work my way towards the top.

Watch the video and check out my latest update on my online business adventure.