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Learn to how to establish a social media marketing plan

If you're here you are most likely in search of the answer to, how to develop a social media marketing plan. You're either a person or  a business that really wants to reach your target audience. 

Well this is just the beginning of a huge subject and I hope that you will find, what I am about to share with you helpful.

On this video I briefly discussed, where to start when you are trying to establish a social media marketing plan. And the number one thing to establish, to get you going in the right direction, which is to establish a major goal. A goal that may take you several months or years to achieve. 

What I mean by this, is are you going to focus on how many sales you want to make, to make X amount of dollars, or are you trying to establish yourself as an online-influencer in a specific niche or space.

After establishing your major overall goal or objective, then you would need to come up with several smaller objectives or goals that would allow you to achieve your overall go…