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Learning to manage an online business

Learning To Manage An Online Business Learning to manage an online business has a definite learning curve. In this blog I hope to help you learn all about what it takes to succeed online with this being my first topic of discussion.

One of the most important steps is developing an active daily list which is meant to guide you in order to accomplish the overall goal of succeeding online without not neglecting your daily responsibilities.

Being a stay at home Dad and working part-time plus managing the responsibilities of an online business mind boggling but with getting into the habit of creating a daily action list has helped me keep my sanity.

Here is one of examples:

Today's Action List: 1) Spent some quality time with my Lord and my family.
2) Workout (rest day but did play/toss the ball around with the boys)
3) Surfed My Ads
4) Sent out an email blast to my Solo Ad campaign. (74% opt-in rate)
5) Posted my Biz-opt in Facebook Groups
6) Set up Coinbase account (Not yet done) 7) Make a…