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Don't be a victim of your financial circumstance

Don't be a victim of your financial circumstance! Over the years, I have heard a lot of inspirational stories than can cover almost every circumstance. There is the guy who was homeless and used the library computer to make money online. The other guy who was broke and currently makes an annual 6 figure income. That girl who was living the life and lost her husband to cancer only to find herself giving it all she gots to make money in the weight loss industry. That girl who was raped but yet found the strength to go back to school to become a Nurse because she wasn't given the proper exam in the ER. I don't have permission to list their names but these people are real. And my point of bringing this up is, there has to be a point in your life that you come to.... that every other option but success is what you find yourself living for every day and no excuse is big enough to be an obstacle. Absolutely no excuse! To include any discouraging remarks from any family member or…